Alan Kelly

Student @ CIT

I'm Alan, I'm a student currently in CIT currently studying Computer Systems. I am currently a 4th year student and I am looking for employment opportunities for when I finish my course in May 2018.

The Computer System Course is trageted at programming, embedded systems, linux administration and networking, allowing me exposure to many different areas of IT.

To gain experience with all of these OS, I have built a server in my home that runs a Bhyve Hypervisor. This machine allows me to install and configure many different OS’s, quickly and easily. To learn more about this machine please see this post in my blog.

IT Skills

Software Development Skills
  • Competent in Java, C, C#, HTML5, Python, Scripting and SQL.
  • Experience using IDEs JetBrains Suite, Android Studio, Mbed complier and Eclipse.
  • Experience with version control software GitHub & continuous deployment tools Jenkins and Travis.
Software and Operating Systems Skills
  • Experience deploying and maintaining Windows, Various distributions of Linux, Android, Mac OS, Cisco IOS, BSD jails, Docker, OpenVPN and Bhve & ESXi hypervisors.
  • Proficient user of Microsoft Office suite, and TeX suite.
Networking Skills
  • Experienced with remote management tools such as Remote Desktop Protocol, SSH & TeamViewer.
  • Knowledgeable in networking administration using the following tools and protocols: IP, TCP, QOS, DHCP, ACL, IDS/IPS, DDNS, DNS, NAT and DMZ.
  • Currently hold CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications.
Hardware Skills
  • Experienced configuring RAID and enterprise NASs.
  • Experience configuring and deploying enterprise level hardware such as servers, switches and routers.

Skills Profile

  • Excellent communication skills honed while dealing with clients and contractors on a daily basis.
  • Vast experience dealing with students & staff face to face, providing helpful advice, and resolving issues.
  • Experience with version control software GitHub & continuous deployment tools Jenkins and Travis.
  • Enthusiastic team player with extensive experience of coordinating and collaborating with clients and contractor while self employed.
  • Further enhanced this skill with fellow students for college group projects.
  • Skill gained while being self employed for a number of years and having to manage sub contractors.
  • Took the lead role in many group project while attending CIT.
  • Responsible for liaising with lecturers and communicating students’ concerns while class Rep of my CIT class.
Time Management
  • Skill honed while managing and priortising multiple contract when self employed as a carpentry contractor.
  • This skill was further honed while managing numerous project while attending CIT.

Below are some of my core modules please see my CV for more

Please dont forget to check out my blog or my projects and feel free to contact me should you require any more information.